Map of Kingdom Family in South Fork, CO
Kingdm Family Treasure House, Inc Address

You’ll find the Kingdom Family Treasure House in South Fork, CO.

P.O. Box 470 South Fork, Colorado 81154

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  • Financial Crisis Center

    Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc Financial Crisis Center acting or accomplished, produced or occurring with rapidity, ease, and firmness of resolve, settle or dispose of financial difficulties or problems directly touching human beings in need, want, or poverty by systematic planning and united effort causing the resolution of, dealing with successfully, finding an answer to, and reaching a firm decision about an immediate radical change of status in a person’s life.

    Beginning with and restricted to South Fork, Colorado and surrounding communities any crucial time or state of affairs as catastrophic health care cost for the uninsured, immediate or impending Home Foreclosures, persons having no home or permanent place of residence, impending utility disruption, dental care needs, health care provided by a general practitioner make an accurate determination by analysis and release from or get rid of by performing an appropriate action putting an end to the lack of what is needed without delay not of necessity as a short term solutions while the long term is being planned, perfected, and implemented.

    All request for assistance without exception and prior to approval, with the appropriate preparation assistance of the assigned case worker, must be accompanied with the individual member’s plan to prevent the reoccurrence as a signed promise or agreement to comply with adjustments made to that plan by corporate financial planners.