Map of Kingdom Family in South Fork, CO
Kingdm Family Treasure House, Inc Address

You’ll find the Kingdom Family Treasure House in South Fork, CO.

P.O. Box 470 South Fork, Colorado 81154

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  • Physical Fitness Theater

    Consult together with one who has the legal title to a chosen plot of ground set apart for the Kingdom Family Physical Fitness Theater by way of a realty broker so as to arrive at the settlement of price paid for a tract of ground satisfying these special characteristics, ease of access by the public where the special grace of South Fork existing in its nature presented to view is fit to introduce those who visit to our community.

    A track of land for public use in or near the city must include but not limited to roofed stands for spectators, picnic fashion eating areas, indoor and outdoor arenas that are built, installed, or establish to serve as public entertainment without crowding or inconvenience.

    A Kingdom Family Park suitable for competitive outdoor tennis, outdoor basketball courts, Olympic style track and field facilities, area used for walking, indoor Olympic size heated swimming pool, roller skatearena, ice skate arena, skate park and exercise gym perfect in quality lacking nothing, all for use of both the surrounding communities and school competitions and training.