Map of Kingdom Family in South Fork, CO
Kingdm Family Treasure House, Inc Address

You’ll find the Kingdom Family Treasure House in South Fork, CO.

P.O. Box 470 South Fork, Colorado 81154

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  • The Master Plans
    October 2010 - October 2013


    Receive free contributions as gifts to a public institution, formal written requests for Kingdom Family membership sending through the postal system in return approval letters with the exemption and immunity of full family membership attached, and establishing a new corporation with possession and control of properties needed to permit work to be done.


    Do the first part of building the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., marked by gradual changes that lead toward growth, the first series of accomplishments made ready in advance over the agreed three year timetable as indicated above, in stages and with the possibility of repetition, cause to take place as real events, entities, or state of affairs.


    Sums of money voluntarily transferred to the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., by grants or donations put in a Colorado State Bank account to set or keep apart from and to make a distinction between day-to-day operating expenses of the corporate headquarters.

    Sums of money received from the obligation represented by individual tithes entrust for safekeeping in a bank chartered by and operating under the laws of the state from which the tither dwell permanently to amass the long-term net worth of corporate funds within that state, invested or available for investment against future times or corporate activities.

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