Map of Kingdom Family in South Fork, CO
Kingdm Family Treasure House, Inc Address

You’ll find the Kingdom Family Treasure House in South Fork, CO.

P.O. Box 470 South Fork, Colorado 81154

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  • The Master Plans
    October 2010 - October 2013

    The profit in money that is made on invested capital and the yield of sources of income as stock certificates put into operation or effect against all corporate activities within the appropriate state.

    A. Assigned Responsibility: Wanda M. Chapman
    B. Status: Waiting Funds

    Assemble and cause to happen all preliminary measures absolutely needed to quickly accomplish a monetary agreement and without the time consuming intervention of banks or another agency arrange an accelerated closing date for the purchase of three homes by the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., with the exclusive right of ownership as the controlling authority.

    A search of prospective property listings not based on intrinsic worth, a wide range of choices immediately available for occupancy and inquiry into the availability of properties under consideration by preference of the Chapman family that are not listed as for sale properties.

    Arrange the immediate purchase by the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., of the property suitable, adequate, and prepared for commercial activity listed by Rio Vista Realty located on Rio Vista Circle along with the vacant property along the side or directly behind the property.

    Give lawful form to the means of acquiring ownership or a binding agreement for a specified time of the Professional Office Building located across the street from the South Fork Post Office on Highway 160.

    Determine the availability, approximate cost, and mandatory proceedings or legal actions required to purchase approximately 2000 acres of forested area that is preserved by government decree located directly across from the South Fork Rest Stop on the opposite side of Highway 160.

    Acquire the legal right to the possession of an extended area of ground owned together with all attached as provided by nature, as forests, minerals, and water supply, and by the authority of the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., purchase with immediate payment of current money in hand all of the land put up for sale as Bear Creek IV properties.

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