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  • Code of Conduct

    Distinguishing qualities of personal ethical traits set as an example by exhibiting polished rules of conduct, respect for and consideration of others, moral goodness or blameworthiness obligating oneself to do right or be good. All Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., employees ought by all means be required by moral conscience to exhibit habitual social standards of personal behavior in the workplace as an example to be followed.

    Every one considered individually, excepting none, must undergo change or development being transformed into an attractively suitable example considered typical of all below the executive level.

    Worthy of imitation a temperamental makeup or prevailing approach toward the activity in which each is employed, in any event bringing before the public a distinctive impression of a predominant emotion and natural preference to yield to their formal request or petitions, desires with expectation of obtainment, strongly desired goals or purpose, urgent or desperate needs because of poverty or accidents.

    Thoroughly and completely skilled or informed moral character having the nature of a habit fitted for one that serves the Kingdom Family guided by a strong surge of responsive awareness or recognition of a community of interest or of mutual understanding given to thoughts or opinions resulting from reflection as if looking in a mirror dominated by lasting directions of a developed Master Plan.