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  • The Master Plan
    April 2021 - Indefinite

    or put up with bringing them back to practical usefulness no longer under the control of their physical surroundings making profitable use of a fixed minimum weekly wage of $800.00 dollars paid for by the Kingdom Family Foundation’s invested capital in addition to guaranteed health insurance and vacation time.

    Use the improvements to further the establishment of more suitable changes for workers having no special skill or training working with workers having an ability in a particular occupation gained by experience or training employed by Treasure Houses in every neighborhood, town, city, parish, or county in the United States of America.

    Provide work and pay for all not having enough to live on putting to special use money received as contributions from America’s richest persons given voluntarily under the control and authority of the Chief Executive Officer.

    Treated fairly in the executive branch’s policies and principles the Office of Governor is answerable or accountable for persons held in the bondage of governmentally controlled minimum wages being in a lower position to the interests of great wealth forced to do routine, boring, uninspiring, long strenuous fatiguing labor whose life the very affluent has absolute control over.

    Relish self-directing liberation from the control of the Federal Government’s influence or determination having a self-governing state not under compulsion or financial liability undertaken to a political party, the Governor enjoying continuing in office without term limitation requiring no re-election.

    Take an oath of obligation to support the Kingdom Family System of Government and receive social standing of a high order with the Kingdom Family, distinct political powers, and the Governor’s estate seeking and achieving liberty, happiness, and prosperity for all inhabitants of the state by a signed and sealed binding agreement

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