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  • The Master Plan
    April 2021 - Indefinite

    Engage those lead into an error of judgment in a Kingdom Family commercial business on a piece of land on which crops and animals are raised and a tract of water for raising fish leased out without charge by the government established to hold person within a continuous expanse of land or of water devoted to the work of cultivating the soil, producing crops, raising livestock, and cultivation of fish as a productive systematic work teaching skills in use of machinery or tools producing fruits, vegetables, grain and other staple corps according to a program joined in a common cause with the Division of Labor.

    Rule against, do not permit, command to stay away from the property those not permitted to enter trespassing or intruding under the penalty of legal prosecution by notices place along the boundaries where a great number of guards are stationed, armed forces that exercises police functions to keep persons held in custody within the property.

    Introduce a method of proceeding serving to protect the money resources of the corporation for managing of credit and the claim to ownership of property, the money paid for the use of money in regular payments to a creator the Kingdom Family Treasure House will be the agent that brings it to be of no legal force or effect. Without the base on which its force in law rests the Kingdom Family Treasure House will make the contract ineffective or useless upon payment of the mortgagee according to the amount of the debt minus the interest.

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