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  • The Master Plan
    April 2021 - Indefinite

    Each Governor of the United States know the power that rests in Kingdom Family voters and be responsible to them for acceptance of the proposed plan of action to which the income from the tithe originating from a particular state is made a part of the annual fixed income of that state.

    The corporation based on my competent authority will abide by the permanently enacted agreement in a corporate undertaking that provides guiding knowledge honest and to the point for gaining through personal effort a financial state of being well, happy, and prosperous.

    An adjustment of matters having to do with tightly stretched funds in both state and local estimated cost of operating resolutely aiming at a distribution of wealth to compensate for the income of the poor, to keep from happening omitting the lesser number of the different varieties or populations of human beings while favorably affecting the greater part with full legal rights, and to end the Kingdom Family being reduced to poverty.

    An occupation, career, interest to which the Chief Executive Officer is devoted to life in which all not having enough money for life’s necessities are employed serving the elders as younger members of a Kingdom Family employed to perform services needed by them acting in an official capacity on behalf of the Kingdom Family Treasure House easing burdens making them less hard to bear.

    The Kingdom Family System of Government empowers those whose rights which must be possessed in common by all living in America was forcibly taken away being restrained from their pursuit of happiness not done by choice confine in a way of life brought about by the wealthy and brought to bear against any needy person or group’s capacity to resist.

    The Kingdom Family Treasure House make less severe, harsh, or troublesome the heavy load of injustice the nation’s poor has to bear

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