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  • The Master Plan
    April 2021 - Indefinite

    between the state legislators and the Kingdom Family Treasure House, as justification against a federal government severe reprimand United States Governors power of defending America is speaking out in defense of justice for all Americans.

    The outcome the nation’s people who were out of work with no special skill and having obtained little or no education earning ones living involved in work for a private increase in earnings becoming highly competent being taught by repeated performance.

    Businesses involved in the buying and selling of commodities and servicers little in kind when compared with others of the same kind serving the necessity of a community confined within the bounds of a shopping part of the city, owners of local public conveyances, nearby or neighborhood stores having little capital selling in little quantities and at retail to consumers, the nation’s manufacturing industry selling at a retail price to all retailers become a factor in a business agreement with the Kingdom Family Treasure House applied equally nationwide.

    The prevention and treatment of illness or injury by trained and licensed professionals provide services offered to the unwell as regular unvarying procedures putting knowledge into practice not connected or associated with larger controlling healthcare systems in which an organization hires medical professionals and operates medical facilities.

    Supervised by a family physician continue to bring back to health and strength old people affected with any departure from health or illness in general, mental or physical healthy growth becoming worse, frail from their stage of life, lacking in strength of body or muscle, not physically strong of mind no longer making reasoned choices or decisions, dealing with treating disease, relieving pain, and improving and preserving health elderly patients must place their trust, dependence, or confidence upon registered or practical nurses trained to take care of the sick, injured, or aged..

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